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socalbellydance's Journal

Southern California Belly Dance(rs and) Events
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Friendly-To-A-Fault Moderator: retention.

Community Info: This community was started because I have met many people lately from San Diego that love bellydancing, either as a hobby or a profession. Any discussions regarding local events, performances, places to shop, places to watch or just hang out... yep, that's here.

Check out bellydancing for a more general community. This community is mostly San Diego related since I'm targeting "local" events and promos, but anyone from "SoCal" is welcome to join and participate.

Rules and Stuff:
Posts that are offensive, abusive, or unrelated will be deleted, but I will be pleasant about it and try to contact you before deletion. If you have a problem, please email retention@livejournal.com, and in the subject line put "Questionable Post in SoCalBellyDance". Body should contain a quick overview and link to objectionable post. This ensures I will take care of it more quickly.

Maximum width: 500, Maximum height: 600.
If you have multiple images, post one to display, then the rest MUST go behind an LJ cut.
If you don't know how to use the lj-cut tag, instructions are available in the the LJ FAQ.

If an image or combination of images exceeding these dimensions is posted, there will be a 24 hour period after an initial contact attempt before it is deleted by me.

Event posting:
Please post as much info as you can possibly get regarding an event, i.e. cover charge, time, date, performers, et et et. It helps in the long run.

Promos and selling:
Belly-dance related ONLY! Preferably San Diego but surrounding counties are fine. No rating or off-topic communities tolerated AT ALL - posts will be deleted without notice.

If you have a link to an item or store that you like (i.e. LRose Designs), feel free to give it props, but don't link to your eBay auction on every post. THE EASIEST AND MOST ACCEPTABLE WAY FOR THIS TO WORK IS: If you want to sell something, just create a link to your website/auction in a post, and people can contact you directly if they are interested.

Please add your information to the database, which you can find here.

Now have fun!! :)